23 Feb

Underground Coal Mine : $500,000 Savings Via Longwall Fluid Conversion


To help mitigate the effects of the local water supply Quaker Houghton recommended the mine convert to QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02, a full synthetic longwall fluid that can withstand the spikes in water hardness. Additionally, Quaker installed a new mixing station to filter the sediment from the water more effectively, and provide tighter controls on the longwall fluid concentration.

Underground Coal Mine : $500,000 Savings Via Longwall Fluid Conversion2020-03-18T07:42:45-04:00
20 Feb

Fire Safety In Hot Forming Hydraulic Presses


One of the main risks of fire is linked to the use of mineral oil in the hydraulic systems. At the units, substantial leakage has been observed. Most leakage takes place through accidents like ruptured hoses, or leaking couplings. Mineral oils are highly flammable and are a serious source of fire hazard in high temperature environments and applications close to open flames or red-hot metal parts. The risk is further increased by the rapid and aggressive ignition rate of mineral oils. Today mineral oil dangers present industries with a very real major risk. With QUINTOLUBRIC® 888, this risk can be reduced and managed preventively.

Fire Safety In Hot Forming Hydraulic Presses2020-03-17T04:57:08-04:00