8 Jun

How Formulated Dust Suppressants Function


Dust can create problems that impact operational efficiency, impair visibility, increase accident risk, and have detrimental effects on the health of workers and the environment. To address these issues, companies in different industries use water as a dust suppression, which is a continuous and costly activity. Communities and regulatory agencies are putting pressure on companies to improve their methods of dust suppression because of the many problems dust is likely to generate.

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23 Feb

Surface Copper Mine : Reduces Water Usage Saving $20,000


To help reduce the dust generated Quaker Houghton recommended the surface copper mine add, DUSTGRIP® SUPER TAC, a dust suppressant that binds the road together while also penetrating the surface to maintain subsoil moisture content, to their operation. The customer trialed DUSTGRIP® SUPER TAC on their haul roads at a 25% concentration at ½ gallon per square yard.

Surface Copper Mine : Reduces Water Usage Saving $20,0002020-08-17T14:43:23-04:00