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Postponed to 7-11 December

Quaker Houghton will present for the first time our complete solutions package, including our full range of fluid products, equipment and services designed for every segment of the Tube & Pipe industry.

Join our experts to experience the solutions we can provide to help your business flourish in today’s competitive climate, and to celebrate the coming together of two industry leaders and the future we can provide for your business, together.

We are the only chemical specialty supplier to the Tube and Pipe industry to offer system-wide expertise, as well as a comprehensive “Front-to-Back” portfolio of processing fluids and coatings. Our global team of experts provides process expertise and custom-formulated process fluids and coatings for all production operations in welded and seamless tubular mills worldwide.


  • For temporary corrosion protection (3 months up to 2 years) of pipes during land or oversea transports and storage.
  • Coating technologies: Water based, Solvent based, UV based
  • Depending on your line set up, a wide portfolio to obtain optimized application results and efficiency
  • Proven solutions with improved compatibility with upstream chemistries and know how monitoring them.
  • Advanced solutions for low to 0-VOC, lower energy consumption, and safer products for workers


  • Tube and pipe coolant series platform based on water dilutable chemistry
  • Suitable for ERW forming and sizing operation as well as hydrotesting
  • Can be used across multiple operations, substrates, and markets
  • Products available include soluble oils, semi synthetic and fully synthetic coolants
  • Very good fines handling, detergency and microbial resistance
  • Strong global customer references in ERW tube forming mills.


  • Proven technology giving long term corrosion protection in the field
  • Can be applied by spray, flood and wipe or dipping processes
  • Suitable for welded, formed or drawn products
  • Good water displacement and separation properties
  • Contain oils, waxes and solvents depending on the barrier film properties required
  • VOC free technology available


  • Reduced Nickel and none Nickel products
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Lower iron dilution resulting in less sludge to be managed
  • Wider operating parameters across most alloys making for easier operating process
  • Extended alkali cleaner bath life


  • Range of metal forming lubricants consisting of emulsifiables, neat oils, and solution synthetic fluids
  • Superior lubrication with excellent corrosion protection
  • High film strength additives to reduce scratching and galling on parts and dies
  • Easy to clean with solvent or alkaline cleaners
  • Compatibility with typical waste water treatment processes
  • Available with a chlorine-free option – reformulated fluids offering heavy duty performance without chlorine content

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