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Our Surface Finishing products assist with cleaning and removing a wide variety of soils; applying conversion coatings to promote paint adhesion and corrosion resistance; and stripping paint, carbon, and rust from substrates being remanufactured. Learn more: surface finishing brochure

Joe is the Surface Finishing Specialist for Quaker Houghton’s Surface Finishing division. He specializes in paint pre-treatment and specialty cleaning chemistry and processes. Joe holds a BS in Chemistry from Illinois State University.

A common problem facing manufacturers using metal and surfacing finishing conversion coating processes is the need to consider the expense and effluent discharge liabilities of the process water. A proven approach combining innovative chemistry with related equipment to allow users to eliminate all process water discharge from their spray washers. This process has enabled users to eliminate waste water permitting, notice of effluent violations, and all related costs associated with excessive water usage.  The process integrates high quality performance, simplicity of operation, and minimal operational cost.  Two case studies including both powder paint and e-coat applications will be discussed.


  • Low to zero energy requirements
  • Low environmental impact meaning low sludging and extremely long bath life
  • Organic content that is 100% biodegradable
  • Low water usage requirements
  • Operational efficiency with single package cleaner-coater technology
  • Quality improvement to eliminate poor salt spray performance and achieve optimum paint adhesion
We are the only chemical specialty supplier to the Tube and Pipe industry to offer system-wide expertise, as well as a comprehensive “Front-to-Back” portfolio of processing fluids and coatings. Our global team of experts provides process expertise and custom-formulated process fluids and coatings for all production operations in welded and seamless tubular mills worldwide. Learn more:


  • For use in exterior and interior pipe
  • Coating technologies: Water based, Solvent based, UV based, hybrid
  • Corrosion protection
  • Zero to low VOC solvent based coatings


  • Tube and pipe coolant series platform based on a single product technology
  • Can be used across multiple operations, substrates, and markets
  • Targets the hydrotesting, roll forming process, and thread cutting operations
  • Depending on the process needs, each product in the series demonstrates its flexibility to be used for one or all the targeted applications
  • Synthetic microemulsion metalworking fluids resistant to microbiological growth
  • Does not contain chlorinated compounds, formaldehyde release agents, boron, MEA, nor secondary amines
  • Designed with "front-to-back" compatibility meaning that the QUAKERCOOL® 700 TP series integrates well with upstream chemistries and downstream coatings


  • Range of metal forming lubricants consisting of emulsifiables, neat oils, and solution synthetic fluids
  • Superior lubrication with excellent corrosion protection
  • High film strength additives to reduce scratching and galling on parts and dies
  • Easy to clean with solvent or alkaline cleaners
  • Compatibility with typical waste water treatment processes
  • Versatility in applications for light, medium, or heavy forming; roll forming; cold heading; and hydroforming
  • Available with a chlorine-free option - reformulated fluids offering heavy duty performance without chlorine content