9 Mar

Keeping Metals Clean Together.


Cleaning compound designed to economically remove quench oils between quenching and tempering operations. It has excellent oil splitting capabilities allowing for the reclaiming of both cleaner and oil and extending bath life. Try our biostable version, CERFA-KLEEN® 178

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20 Feb

Label Free Floor & Maintenance Cleaner QUAKERCLEAN® 8820


QUAKERCLEAN® 8820 is a foam-inhibited workshop floor cleaner for the removal of oil, grease and pigment soiling from industrial floor coverings in production and storage areas. Due to its very good heavy soil pene-tration characteristics, it is also suitable for maintenance operations (machines hard surface cleaning, where it can be applied by hand wiping). QUAKERCLEAN® 8820 is label free and compatible with metalworking coolants in case of contamination.

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