Ground Control Agents

Mining & Underground Construction Ground Control & Roof Adhesives

Leading the advance for safer mining

Working underground offers unique challenges which mining companies know firsthand. Over the years, We at Quaker Houghton have developed a portfolio of ground control agents and void fillers to manage adverse conditions and resume production. Our resins offer good penetration into small fissures and are designed to be used for ground consolidation and stabilization, in the event of fractured and unstable ground, as well as sealing against water ingress. Our void filling foams offer increased safety through low exothermic temperatures, high yield strength, and easy of application.

Optimizing Operations

At Quaker Houghton, our chemists, engineers, and industry experts work closely with our customers to determine the right ground control agents for the precise needs of each application. As a result, the following are achieved:

  • Increased safety

  • Improved working conditions

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Innovative ground control solutions

  • Polyurethane Resins

  • Urea Silicate Resins

  • Urea Silicate Foaming System

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