Can Making Additives

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Committed to Can. Dedicated to the Industry.

Serving the D & I can making industry since the 1960’s Quaker Houghton has been an ever-present contributor to the growth of the metal packaging industry. In an environment of continuous evolution Quaker Houghton has adapted and developed its process fluids and technical solutions to support the industry through all challenges.
Innovation is at the core of Quaker Houghton, when it comes to improving your overall business, and getting the most from your process equipment and other plant resources, you need the expertise and experience of an established, recognized solutions provider to the industry. With chemists and application experts around the globe, it is our commitment to be at the forefront of sustainable & economical solutions for the metal packaging industries.

Delivering Solutions

Our highly experienced can industry experts will work closely with your team to solve complex manufacturing challenges through the entire can production process. We are the partner you can trust to prepare you for the future based on extensive knowledge of your unique operating environment and business goals. We provide on-site and global technical support, customized solutions, a stable and dependable supply chain and a network of experienced resources in can manufacturing.
Quaker Houghton provides solutions that are can industry proven, reliable in the most demanding environments.

  • Greater efficiency

  • Improved working conditions

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Aluminum & Steel can making solutions:

  • Accelerators

    Including Non-toxic Technology

  • Bodymaking Coolants

    Fully Biostable Including Formaldehyde Free Technology

  • Bottle Can Necking Lubricant

    Food Contact Compliant

  • Cleaners

    Acidic & Alkaline

  • Conversion Coatings

  • Cupper Lubricants

    Neat Oils & Emulsion

  • Hydraulic Fluid

    Gear Oils & Greases

  • Mobility Enhancers

  • Post Lubricants

  • Pin Chain Lubricants

    H1 Compliant

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