Tin Plating

MSA Process Technology For Precise Tin Plating

Challenges for Tin Plating

Depending on the tin plating technology utilized, processes face challenges including excessive tin loss, sludge generation, high process costs, and narrow process temperature ranges. By nature, the PSA (phenol sulfonic acid) electrolyte process draws tin toward the edges of the steel strip while plating, resulting in uneven plating and high tin consumption while the halogen process creates the highest amount of Sn sludge, leading to higher costs, and inconsistent quality.

Optimizing Operations

MSA (methane sulfonic acid) technology applies tin to steel substrates for the packaging industry with the lowest applied tin cost and lowest environmental impact. As a result, the tin plating process:

  • Maintains a uniform tin grain structure

  • Has a simple process control and solution analysis

  • Gains operating advantages with significant cost savings

Tin Plating Solutions for High Speed Electro-Tin Line Applications

  • Tinplate Rolling

  • MSA (Methanesulfonic Acid)

  • Tin Concentrate

  • Antioxidant

  • Plating Additive

  • Tin Passivate

  • Flux Concentrate

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