Metal Rolling

Rolling Oils for enhanced lubrication and increased mill performance

Customized Solutions For Increased Mill Performance

Quaker Houghton continually refines our rolling products, and creates new solutions, so that our steel and non-ferrous customers can stay ahead in a changing world. Our dedicated steel specialists, working closely with our R&D chemists, partner with your team to develop customized solutions based on extensive knowledge of your unique operating environment and business goals. We have strong experience in the rolling process by not only focusing on product formulation, but also on developing, testing, and selling, application equipment.

Optimizing Operations

Our strong expertise in lubricating the rolling process focuses on product formulation and application system. Combined with our knowledge of rolling requirements and product development capabilities, we can optimize the amount of lubricant needed to extend roll life while reducing roll forces.

  • Greater mill productivity

  • Increased strip and mill cleanliness

  • Reduced consumption

  • Improved roll life

  • Reduced waste treatment concerns

  • Fewer product defects

Metal Rolling Solutions:

  • Vanishing Oils

  • Temper Fluids

  • Steel Cold Rolling Oils

  • Steel Hot Rolling Oils

  • Non-Ferrous Hot Rolling Oils

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