13 Apr

Mining: Reducing Solenoid Consumption by 80%


Quaker Houghton wanted to show that QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-02 could not only meet these requirements but also reduce costs through increased productivity and reduced downtime and maintenance requirements.

Mining: Reducing Solenoid Consumption by 80%2020-04-13T14:05:53-04:00
13 Apr

Mining: Eliminating Solenoid Sticking


Quaker Houghton also provided an engineering solution for Bridger’s mixing system, which was producing low mix ratios. Quaker Houghton was able to identify and fix the problem. Even at low mix concentrations, QUINTOLUBRIC® 814-01 did not separate, scum or show signs of bacterial growth.

Mining: Eliminating Solenoid Sticking2020-04-13T14:13:49-04:00
20 Mar

MINExpo International 2020


As the world’s largest mining event, MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® covers the entire industry—exploration, mine development, open pit, underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement and more.
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Las Vegas, Nevada

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9 Mar

The global leader in compliance colutions for the mining industry.


Mining companies today face challenges as never before. Under increasing pressures to create a safe work environment, and lower environmental impact, while also reducing costs, mining operations must be more efficient than ever. At this critical point in time, we are the long-term partner for mining companies seeking to anticipate – and overcome-these challenges. Our highest commitment is to offer solutions that meet the real demands of a complex industry. Whatever comes next.

The global leader in compliance colutions for the mining industry.2020-03-09T16:25:12-04:00
23 Feb

Surface Copper Mine : Reduces Water Usage Saving $20,000


To help reduce the dust generated Quaker Houghton recommended the surface copper mine add, DUSTGRIP® SUPER TAC, a dust suppressant that binds the road together while also penetrating the surface to maintain subsoil moisture content, to their operation. The customer trialed DUSTGRIP® SUPER TAC on their haul roads at a 25% concentration at ½ gallon per square yard.

Surface Copper Mine : Reduces Water Usage Saving $20,0002020-03-18T07:33:53-04:00
23 Feb

Underground Coal Mine : $500,000 Savings Via Longwall Fluid Conversion


To help mitigate the effects of the local water supply Quaker Houghton recommended the mine convert to QUINTOLUBRIC® 818-02, a full synthetic longwall fluid that can withstand the spikes in water hardness. Additionally, Quaker installed a new mixing station to filter the sediment from the water more effectively, and provide tighter controls on the longwall fluid concentration.

Underground Coal Mine : $500,000 Savings Via Longwall Fluid Conversion2020-03-18T07:42:45-04:00
19 Feb

MSHA Dust Results


The need for dust suppressants in the mining industry continues to increase due to health, safety, and regulatory reasons. Whether on a surface or underground mine, dust and other particulates are a constant safety concern for those working in the mining industry. These hazards can cause a wide range issues including respiratory illnesses, exposure to noxious gases, and operational risks.

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19 Feb

The global leader in compliance solutions for the mining industry.


Our mining experts work closely with our R&D chemists to bring unique solutions to your operation. We are the partner you can trust to provide extensive knowledge of your unique operating environment and business goals. We offer on-site expertise to maximize efficiency, durability, and safety.

The global leader in compliance solutions for the mining industry.2020-03-17T05:02:01-04:00