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Die Casting: 70% Increase in Parts Produced

The Quaker Houghton team worked closely with the customer to better understand their production process and analyze the structure of the casting. Quaker Houghton recommended DIE SLICK® AD 32 as a solution. This product was chosen because it does not contain wax, and has good film-forming performance at high tempera¬tures.

February 28, 2020

Die Casting: 13% Power Consumption Reduction by Converting to a Polyol Ester (HFD-U) Hydraulic Fluid

First, Quaker Houghton helped the manufacturer to understand the advantages of changing from water glycol (HFC) fluids to polyol ester (HFD-U) fluids. These advantages include

Steel Continuous Casting: 48% Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership by Converting to HFD-U Hydraulic Fluid

To help improve operations, QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 was introduced as a potential replacement. First, Quaker Houghton helped the account to understand the advantages of changing from water glycol (HFC) fluids to QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46 (polyol ester based HFD-U).

Die Casting : 60% Consumption Reduction Die Casting Aluminum

Quaker Houghton reviewed the customers objectives and developed a new invert emulsion plunger lubricant to meet their needs. Quaker Houghton’s invert emulsion technology consists of water based plunger lubricants with oil; the water burns off leaving only the amount of oil needed for optimum lubrication.

Finishing Mill Roll Bearings : Reduced Consumption And Improved Lubrication

Verkol Lubricants, a Quaker Houghton Company, assessed the mill’s situation, and introduced QUAKERTEK™ LX 4602- EPE, a lithium complex grease, reducing bearing failures to 5-6 a year. After 8 years of using QUAKERTEK™ LX 4602-EPE, the mill wanted to run a trial with the main purpose of optimizing grease consumption without causing wear problems, and also to

February 27, 2020

Saw Mill Lubricants: 50% Reduction In Conveyor Lubricant Consumption

Quaker Houghton reviewed the operations at the lumber producer and recommended BIOSAFE CON 46/68 W, a high-performance conveyor oil, based on the following

Metalworking: $490K Annual Savings Reducing Consumption And Biological Issues Machining Engines And Transmissions

Quaker Houghton’s team of experts in the product development laboratory performed extensive studies in the development of QUAKERAL® 350, a GEN III, secondary amine free product for the customer. QUAKERAL® 350 met all of the customer’s requirements and their 6 systems were converted to the coolant. Quaker Houghton was able to decrease system usage and eliminate downtime. In the past, the filters would rapidly fail due to high microbiological activity in several of the systems. Partial dumps would be required to get these departments running again. No additives have been required to maintain the systems and the customer has been very happy with the cost and process improvements.

Metal Removal Fluids: 40% Reduction In Neat Oil Consumption

QUAKERCUT® 020 XP is a high performance neat cutting oil based on advanced ester technology from renewable raw materials. It is particularly suited for heavy-duty metalworking operations in ferrous and non ferrous materials. The high polarity gives optimal wetting and lubricating properties ensuring high surface finish quality and improved tool life. Part of the QUAKERCUT® XP series, QUAKERCUT® 020 XP has a proven track record of bringing operational, Health & Safety and environmental benefits to a broad range of customers in the automotive and mechanical industries.

Machining and Grinding: 66% Oil Consumption Reduction

Binol, a Quaker Houghton Company, introduced QUAKERCUT® 010 XP, an extra high performance neat cutting and grinding oil to replace the mineral oil in the systems.

February 26, 2020

Stainless Steel And Copper Machining: Increased Tool Life By 50% At Milling Operation And 100% At Turning Operation

Based on regular visits and technical support together with a local distributor, Quaker Houghton was able to analyze challenges the customer faced and presented QUAKERCOOL® 7360 BFF. QUAKERCOOL® 7360 BFF at 8% concentration was introduced into two CNC machines, one machining stainless steel, and the other machining pure copper. Tool life, surface finish, and top-ups (kept at 2%) were closely monitored over a three month period. During the trial period, no operating issues were noticed and the pH stayed very stable at 9.20-9.30.

Machining And Grinding: 30% Reduction In Waste Cost

This Case Study and the solutions gained were achieved through cooperation with L.E.S., a Quaker Houghton distributor in France. Quaker Houghton introduced QUAKERCOOL® 3608 HFF into 25% of the machines, and L.E.S. made regular visits to provide technical support, fluid maintenance and concentration monitoring.

February 25, 2020

Stainless Steel Machining: 100% Increase In Tool Life

QUAKERCOOL® 7350 is a high performance micro-emulsion ideally suited to all operations where high surface finish quality and high lubrication is needed. QUAKERCOOL® 7350 is ideal for general purpose machining of most engineering materials and is recommended for light to medium metalworking operations on cast iron, steel and aluminum.

Non-Ferrous Machining : 30% Consumption Reduction & Superior Biostability

Quaker Houghton reviewed the issues the customer was facing and recommended QUAKERCOOL® 7450. This high-performance microemulsion was chosen because of its versatility to machine both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, is non-foaming, and has superior biostability. The machining capabilities of this product have been proven extensively in Quaker Houghton’s CNC machining center and endorsed by customers who are benefitting from this field proven technology.

Saw Mill Lubricants: 60% Decrease In Overall Consumption

BINOL BAND 20 is a safe and environmentally acceptable, non-emulsifying cleaning oil manufactured from rapeseed oil based synthetic esters designed for cleaning and lubricating applications of band saws, circular saws and molding equipment in sawmills. The product has been tested against different elastomers and paints used by the leading manufacturers.

Die Casting : 400% Plunger Tip Life Increase

The Quaker Houghton team developed a new “talc-based technology” tip lubricant. The team made adjustments with viscosity- base oils and water vs. oil lubrication and developed the new PLUNGER SLICK® 200T oil based plunger lube.

February 24, 2020

Aerospace Titanium Machining : 25% Increase in Tool Life

Trials were initially set up for three products: a local boron amine technology coolant, a leading aerospace compet-itor coolant and HOCUT® 3450. The latter two products were both high ester EP type products with a very high level of lubricity. A total of 6 milling tools were monitored for tool change frequency during the period of the trial.

February 22, 2020

Aerospace Titanium Machining : 150% Increase In Tool Life

The company needed to make improvements in their machining operations. They were losing an average of one hour of productivity for each roughing cycle (4 hours lost machining time/ 24 hours). There were also issues with corrosion on machine tool beds with seals and coatings breaking down.

QUAKERCOOL® 770 Vs Competitive Minerial Oil Free Technology

QUAKERCOOL® 770 is a high-performance mineral oil free micro-emulsion ideally suited to all operations demanding premium surface finish quality and consistent lubrication. Best suited for the machining of ferrous metals including stainless steels and other high-nickel, high-chromium ferrous alloys.

February 20, 2020

Casting Oils QUAKERCAST™ 85 And D-925

The QUAKERCAST™ 85 and D-925 series of casting fluids are products enabling higher casting speeds, lower fluids consumption, and cleaner molds as compared to traditional products. Developed with the most advanced technology for continuous casting applications, these products are formulated with a special blend of highly refined esters, base oils, and additives contributing to their excellent performance properties.

Why Fluid Lubrication Is Critical For Padded Reaming

As the name implies, the padded reamer differs from a fluted reamer in that the padded reamer has a cutting surface and guide pads that ride on the diameter of the hole to put pressure on the cutting surface which generates the hole size and geometry. The guide pads also act as a burnishing tool to help provide a smooth surface finish. Since the pad forces are “riding” on the inside surface of the hole, significant lubrication is necessary in padded reamer operations to eliminate scratches on the hole surface and maintain the required surface finish.

February 18, 2020

Quaker Houghton Die Casting Product Selection: Interpreting A Die Lubricant Evaluation Report

Since die casting production trials typically require significant equipment and resources, and involve time investments and casting loss, Quaker Houghton has established a 4-part laboratory test method for chemical testing to evaluate die lubricants and generate product recommendations.

February 12, 2020

Quaker Houghton Casting Product Selection: Interpreting A Die Lubricant Evaluation Report

Since die casting production trials typically require significant equipment and resources, and involve time investments and casting loss, Quaker Houghton has established a 4-part laboratory test method for chemical testing to evaluate die lubricants and generate product recommendations.

February 7, 2020

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