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By using Quaker Houghton Corporation’s (“Quaker Houghton”) social media channel, you accept abiding by Quaker Houghton’s House Rules. They have been developed to ensure our social media channels are used for the correct purpose and the channels remain a positive experience for all users.

Please also note that Quaker Houghton employees moderate this page. We will make every effort to address your questions and concerns and respond in a timely manner, however we may not reply to every comment.


The purpose of Quaker Houghton’s social media community is to create a safe place for two-way conversations between our users and Quaker Houghton. Sharing questions and feedback is encouraged. This social media site may contain general advice that has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on the information or deciding whether to acquire a product, consider its appropriateness and the relevant product information which is available on the Quaker Houghton’s website.

This page serves to provide customer support and create a trusted source where you can learn more about Quaker Houghton and our products and services, hear about our latest offers and received important updates.

We ask that you are mindful of others and do not:

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  • Misleading or impersonates other individuals or online personas
  • Advertising, self-promotion, commercial or repetitive messaging
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  • Attempt to access or collect personal data about other users, including email addresses

Please do not include any personal or sensitive information (such as your account number, birthday, home address, phone number, driver’s license or tax file number). You will never receive a request from us for such information. If you do receive an unsolicited request for personal or sensitive information, please do not respond. Help us to maintain your security by forwarding any such request to us for our review.

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While we are excited to hear from everyone, it is important to note that posts from participants on Quaker Houghton’s social media assets do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Quaker Houghton, nor does Quaker Houghton confirm their validity or accuracy. We reserve the right to remove posts that violate these house rules, and you may be blocked from our social communities at our discretion, we also reserve the right to delete any content at our discretion.

If you later change your mind and no longer want to like any of Quaker Houghton’s social media pages, please feel free to “unlike/unfollow” us by clicking the relevant link. We are happy for you to contact us via email to discuss your personal query. View our contact page for more information.