10 Apr

Staying ahead in a changing world


As your long-term partner in anticipating and overcoming challenges, we never stop testing, refining and innovating to deliver ever better, more effective solutions. Now with even broader R&D capabilities. Expanded industry expertise. A larger portfolio of products and solutions. So you can move forward with confidence―whatever comes next.

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27 Mar

Sustainability Report 2019


Quaker Houghton focuses on providing customer solutions that reduce waste, energy, water usage, and chemical consumption, while improving operational processes and tool life, and supporting safe work environments. These are several highlights of how we’ve helped our customers reduce total cost of ownership, improve performance and process, and lower their ecological impacts.

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19 Feb

MSHA Dust Results


The need for dust suppressants in the mining industry continues to increase due to health, safety, and regulatory reasons. Whether on a surface or underground mine, dust and other particulates are a constant safety concern for those working in the mining industry. These hazards can cause a wide range issues including respiratory illnesses, exposure to noxious gases, and operational risks.

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19 Feb

The global leader in process fluid solutions for the aerospace industry.


Our team of industry and technology experts work closely with your team to solve complex manufacturing challenges. In an increasingly competitive industry, we are the partner you can trust to prepare you for the future based on extensive knowledge of your unique operating environment and goals. We provide on-site expertise that maximizes quality, performance and safety.

The global leader in process fluid solutions for the aerospace industry.2020-03-17T05:08:38-04:00