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Quaker Houghton will be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

Mining companies today face challenges as never before. Under increasing pressures to create a safe work environment, and lower environmental impact, while also reducing costs, mining operations must be more efficient than ever. At this critical point in time, we are the long-term partner for mining companies seeking to anticipate – and overcome – these challenges. Our highest commitment is to offer solutions that meet the real demands of a complex industry. Whatever comes next.


For those who won’t compromise on efficiency and safety, there’s Quaker’s QUINTOLUBRIC® line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids.  Our solutions keep your machines working at optimal performance with fewer interruptions and a longer life span for a lower total cost of ownership, increased safety and reduced risk.

» Global formulation

» Excellent shear stability

» Best-in-class fluid life

» Reduced environmental impact

» Factory Mutual Approved


Dust suppression is a continuous and costly activity in many industries; it impacts operational efficiency, impairs visibility, increasing accident risk and has detrimental effects on workers’ health and the work environment. Quaker’s DUSTGRIP® dust suppressants offer solutions for these challenges, and our team of experts, application engineers, and chemists can customize an application to meet any dust challenges you face.


Our line of MINETECH™ ground control agents are able to penetrate into small fissures, due to their low viscosity and high flexibility.  They provide excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and durability, additionally, because their full mechanical strength is achieved quickly there is minimal disruption to an operation during installation.

Our line of MINETECH™ ground control agents can be used for:

  • Ground consolidation and stabilization, in the event of fractured and unstable ground
  • Sealing against water ingress
  • Injection of rock bolts
  • Concrete and earthen dams
  • Storm water systems, tunnels, manholes, and underground vaults