Forging Fluids

State of the art lubrication technology tailored for the customer’s needs

Challenges for the Forging Industry

Since the 1970’s, Quaker Houghton has been a major supplier of forging process fluids. With every transition, we have been there: solving problems, reducing costs, and improving every step of the process – in plants around the world.

Now the forging industry needs to increase the performance of produced parts with more closed and end geometry and more complicated geometry.

  • Near Net Shape Forging

  • High tensile steel

  • Lightweight Forging

We bring even more to the field. Through recent innovations, Quaker Houghton has expanded its lubricant range to include new and unique forging lubricants in the market. This demonstrates our commitment to our clients in meeting their challenges, and providing solutions from start to finish.

Optimizing Operations

Because every operation is unique, at Quaker Houghton, our chemists, engineers, and industry experts work closely with our customers to determine the right lubricant for the precise needs of each application. As a result, the following are achieved:

  • Increased Die Life

  • Optimized Lubricant Consumption

  • Reduced Waste Stream

  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduced Cost Per Part

  • Improved Worker Safety

Forging Solutions:

  • Graphite Free

    Water Based, Water Synthetic, Water Emulsion & Oil Based

  • Graphitic

    Water Graphite, Water Graphite Emulsion & Oil Graphitic

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