Metal Protection

Mineral oil and synthetic solutions for enhanced lubrication

Prevent Corrosion & Staining During Storage, Transit, & Processing

Rust and corrosion are the naturally occurring enemies of machined parts as well as coils (metal strip), blanks, stamped parts and other surfaces. High humidity, foreign contaminants, and uneven product coverage can cause serious damage. Quaker Houghton’s complete line of solvent, oil and water-based corrosion preventives protect metal parts during production and in storage, both indoor and outdoor. Our metal protecting product line is well-proven throughout the aerospace, automotive, bearing, steel and offshore industries and wherever metal components are manufactured. Our metal protection product line offers:

  • Corrosion protection on both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces

  • Resistance to staining and varnishing from metal-to-metal contact under high temperatures and humidity

  • Increased storage time

  • Various application methods

  • Crucial product approvals and requirements

Optimizing Operations

As the global leader in industrial process fluids, we formulate products that are compatible throughout the entire manufacturing process while maintaining vigorous end-user requirements. Our state of the art laboratories and expert technical team work closely with our customers to determine the right corrosion preventive for the precise needs of each application. As a result, we can help increase your productivity and save costs through:

  • Eliminating downtime due to rust problems

  • Reducing scrap and rework

  • Providing secondary functions such as lubrication, ease of cleaning and downstream process compatibility with welding, phosphating, e-coating, and adhesives/sealants

Metal Protection Solutions

  • Mill oils

  • Mill-applied lubricants

  • Pre-Coating Lubricants

  • Vanishing oils

  • Acid fumes

  • Dry film lubricants

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