Die Casting Products & Solutions

Process Fluids, Lubricants & Equipment

Improving your die casting performance

With a comprehensive product range and unrivalled process expertise and experience, Quaker Houghton provides the complete solution to improving your die casting performance.

We offer the ultimate choice of best-in-class die casting lubricants and process fluids, application systems and support services which can be customized precisely to your process needs, solving your challenges and delivering improved quality and productivity, lower total cost of ownership and exceptional environmental performance.

With research, development, and innovation at the core of our business, we can deliver cutting-edge chemical and equipment solutions to meet the ever-changing dynamics of the die casting industry.

Our water based, dilutable DIE SLICK® lubricants, with reactive Smart Polymer technology, have been developed to provide exceptional release and die protection characteristics, whilst our water free minimum quantity (MQL) and unique, patented, Lubrolene electrostatic spray products provide unrivalled quality, operating cost, and environmental performance benefits.

We also provide process expertise and customized support for your post casting operations with our comprehensive range of metal machining and finishing products and services. This includes the ability to permanently seal porosity and leak paths in die cast, sintered and electronic components with market leading Ultraseal impregnation sealants, systems and on-site and outsourced impregnation service centers.

Optimizing your Process. Together

Our technical experts partner with you to understand your die casting challenges and develop tailored lubricant and equipment solutions that will help your operations run more efficiently, more effectively and more sustainably.

With Quaker Houghton™ expertise and our die casting industry knowledge, together we can achieve:

  • Quality improvements

  • Reduced cycle times and increased productivity

  • Decreased tool and die costs

  • Reduced process downtime

  • Reduced waste costs and product consumption

  • Improved environmental performance

  • Total cost approach improving operational efficiencies

Die Casting Process Fluids

  • Die Release Lubricants

  • Plunger Lubricants

  • Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

  • Ladle Coatings

  • Trim Lubricants

  • Heat Transfer Fluids

  • Quenchants

Die Casting Equipment

  • Die Release Mixing
    & Spray Systems

  • Plunger Lubricant Application

Porosity Sealing

  • Impregnation Chemicals

  • Impregnation Equipment

  • Impregnation Services

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