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6 Aug

The Global leader in processes fluid solutions for the aerospace industry


Aerospace companies face challenges today as never before. Under growing pressure to increase productivity and throughput, reduce environmental impact, they are also dealing with new highly engineered materials creating new requirements in manufacturing processes and metalworking fluids.

The Global leader in processes fluid solutions for the aerospace industry2020-08-17T14:48:37-04:00
8 Jun

Aluminum: Hot Rolling With Small Particle Size


A major Chinese aluminum company producing 3xxx and 4xxx series aluminum alloy clad coils had problems with their current supplier of rolling oil. Issues encountered were: • Bacterial issues in the coolant • Unstable surface quality in their battery material coils • Appearance of black lines in the aluminum

Aluminum: Hot Rolling With Small Particle Size2020-06-15T13:28:18-04:00
8 Jun

Aluminum: Hot Rolling QUAKERAL® AHR 301


A manufacturer of aluminum sheets and coils requires high quality standards at all levels due to a focus on aerospace applications. In the breakdown mill process, a soap based emulsion was causing issues including: • Stains on the rolled aluminum • Dirt buildup in the mill • Tankside additives needed Additionally, the company did not have any product support from their supplier.

Aluminum: Hot Rolling QUAKERAL® AHR 3012020-06-15T13:29:08-04:00
8 Jun

How Formulated Dust Suppressants Function


Dust can create problems that impact operational efficiency, impair visibility, increase accident risk, and have detrimental effects on the health of workers and the environment. To address these issues, companies in different industries use water as a dust suppression, which is a continuous and costly activity. Communities and regulatory agencies are putting pressure on companies to improve their methods of dust suppression because of the many problems dust is likely to generate.

How Formulated Dust Suppressants Function2020-08-17T14:42:51-04:00